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As a guest of this service, you can expect compassion and generosity of time to focus on you. 

Sessions are longer than the generalist 50 minutes. Allow up to an hour and a half of relaxed and thorough therapeutic time together.


Alongside honouring talk-therapy online/telephone holistic counselling can include:

 - Sound healing

 - Art and mandala therapy

 - Active imagination/creative visualisation techniques

  - Inner child re-parenting

  - Creative and non-dominant hand-writing

  - Mindfulness and meditation

 - Psychodrama

  - Body focusing

  - Dreams

 - Ceremony

  - Voice dialogue

  - Two chair processes

 - Decluttering practical and psychological support

  - Mentoring and check ins


Services can be covered through NDIS Self Managed Plans


" One of the best sessions I've had and I've had a lot so that's really saying something... I feel incredibly empowered.  I moved through a lot of emotion, a lot of stuck energy in my body and in my mind.  So many insights and realisations came up and things came together beautifully."

                                               (Client August 2020)

"With Tabby, I felt at ease from the very beginning, there was a light at the end of the tunnel after every session. Holistic counselling changed my life.  She gave me the tools to help & trust myself.  My confidence grew in unimaginable ways.  My counselling experience proved to be healing for me & the people around me.”         

                                                                  Giselle Insausti 

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