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  Ancient sound healing technology is now modern mainstream in the

complementary medicine field. 

Tibetan singing bowls emit layered notes, tones and vibrations that sound beautiful while clearing blockages, balancing chakras, soothing pain and musculoskeletal disorders, reducing anxiety, stress and depression, inducing calm and sleep and bringing plenty of bliss!

You may choose one, or you might find that one chooses you!

The easiest form of meditation, singing bowls do all the work for you.  They relax, recalibrate and rejuvenate while you lay resting, listening to their sublime enchanting soundscapes that offer soothing soundstreams on which to ride out of your busy thoughts. 

Drift, dream, swirl, float...



* Downloadable meditations still available ONLINE

  Meditations where, wrapped in a soft blanket or cocooned in a silk hammock, you are immersed in positively intentioned sound and healing frequencies to relax and heal you.


Sound healing with meditation, and collaborations with yoga, drumming, aromatherapy, etc.



Yearning for escapism and immersive benefits of retreating with likeminded women?   Everywhere we go, singing bowls go too so deep relaxation and stress-dissolving bliss infuses every escapade: Nature, self care and connection in gorgeous places with a dash of adventure.


* Still available ONLINE from the comfort of your own home anytime. 

Level 1, 2 & 3 full day affordable theory and practical immersions with notes, certificate of attendance and like-minded connections.  Intensively trained one-to-one by a 30-year producer of handhammered singing bowls in Nepal, I facilitate fully interactive and relevant training for everyone, plus collaborative projects.



Join thousands of others who’ve benefited from these singing bowl offerings individually,

in groups, retreats and at festivals. 

We are also stockists of beautiful Tibetan bowls and all the accessories for sound healing.

"I came to Tabitha experiencing lower back pain (which had been constant for over a month). I had tried restorative yoga and massage to no avail.  After the sound healing, I was really aware of energy moving out of my lower back.  I woke up the next morning with the pain greatly reduced!”                                                                                                                                                                    Rebekah Volgin BA(Hons) Psych

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