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  • Exclusive 1 to 1 Online Sound Healing Training
    Time negotiable
    Online in the comfort of your own home
    Hop online with me for a full day’s training in all things singing bowls. (Level 1 Training - how to play singing bowls for self and others). Includes mindfulness, meditation, chakra healing, other techniques, contra-indications, trauma informed care + more...
  • Online Level 1 & 2 Singing Bowl Training - Available now!
    Wherever you like!
    Level 1 & 2 Training: Learn from your deckchair/armchair online! Fun, experiential, pre-recorded live training. Theory, practical & a short soundbath. Add this ancient versatile highly effective modality to your toolbox. 3 lessons $90-$180. Buy now, watch later!


"Wow, I am so impressed with Tabby & the training. Not only is she a beautiful, gentle soul with a huge amount of knowledge of singing bowls, holistic healing & trauma but she has so much respect for the 

instruments & their history, for spirit & for each & every person that comes to her.  She goes above & beyond to create a safe space where each person can explore & find what they need from the session. 

I cannot recommend her workshops enough, I will definitely be attending more as soon as I can.  Thank you very much for your beautiful offering.  It is very appreciated."

                                                                                                                                                        E Rafferty (2020 level 1 & 2 Singing Bowl Training Graduate)

Most helpful aspects? "Experiencing the soundbath myself - which helped me understand so many aspects of the bath but also the responsibility involved.  Perfect 100% loved every microsecond! 

Being able to practice & use your own intuition instead of a mainstream forced learning system. Being able to relax and feel safe while learning.  The trauma part was very helpful.  As always your teaching methods are engaging where you are able to not feel judged, are loved, safe, comfortable and purposeful!"

                                                                                                                                                        H Wheeler (2020 level 1 & 2 Singing Bowl Training Graduate)

"Lovely manner.  Very informative.  Thank you Tabitha for a wonderful weekend of learning and healing.  Excellent.  Able to go out as a practitioner immediately.”         

                                                                                                                                                          G Karstens (2019 level 1 & 2 Singing Bowl Training Graduate)