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A new innovative therapy in the West with a growing body of research, Tibetan singing bowls have been used in healing and spiritual practices for over 1500 years in the East.  Sound healing dates back to the beginning of human existence. 


Making singing bowls is one of the oldest metal crafts.  Knowledge of how to make and heal with bowls has been handed down through generations.  They are traditionally handmade from 7 metals relating to 7 planets (cosmic) and 7 chakras.  Bell-metal bronze has other metals added, including precious metals of silver and gold, like spices flavouring a dish!  These and the labour-intensive techniques help create the beautiful resonant exquisite tonal character found in high quality 7 metal handhammered bowls.


* (Cheaper bowls can be made in factories or molds and with just 3 or 4 metals, and are less resonant in sound).


Thousands of studies confirm benefits of a still mind, including muscle relaxation, anxiety reduction, immunity, pain tolerance and awareness.  Abundant research also proves positive biological responses to sounds and frequencies, including heart and pulse rate, respiration, galvanic skin response, brainwaves and general stress reduction.  



Binaural beats and various notes, tones and vibrations rich in layered frequencies, induce within you deep relaxation instantly and without effort. Tension, stress and anxiety just melt away.


Brainwaves are ‘entrained’ to electrical frequency patterns that stimulate inner peacefulness, deep rest, sleep, intuition, focus, creativity, and ‘dreaming while awake’.. a nurturing and often profound experience.


Like instruments, bodies can fall out of harmony resulting in pain and illness.  Singing bowls are vibration tools that can be useful physically (muscular/joint pain, tinnitus, headache, blockages), emotionally/psychologically (anxiety, depression, stress, anger), and for sleep, chakra balancing, mindfulness, meditation and transcendental experience.  


The body consists of 70-80% water which vibrates with sound offering a gentle internal massage for your organs and cells.  Strong soundwave vibrations and frequencies from the singing bowls can travel through your body reducing pain and increasing range of movement.


Singing bowls are played on and around the body (sound healing/massage)

and at a distance (soundbath) for self healing or to heal another.



Singing bowls offer profound and easy meditation, cutting through and settling the thought jungle.   You don’t have to do any work – the sublime sounds do it all for you!

Singing bowls are great for clearing space energetically and setting intention.  They’re utilised in cancer hospitals, aged care facilities, addiction centres, schools, yoga studios, massage centres, spiritual settings and wellness retreats.  Their application is limited only by the imagination!

My clients report experiencing deep states of relaxation and peace; improved sleep; body dissolvement, bliss and 'one-ness'; emotional catharsis; trauma and pain release; a reduction of muscular/joint pain, tinnitus, restless leg syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome; increased movement/flexibility; visions & insights; peace; access to other realms and spiritual, energetic experiences (e.g. astral travelling).  

Manage overwhelm, anxiety, stress, depression, anger, grief and pain.  Cleanse and centre.    Expect nothing of yourself, let go and surrender.

Singing bowls are an affordable, transportable and enjoyable modality with unique healing potency and growing popularity.  360˚ powerful vibrations and frequencies make Tibetan singing bowls the ideal tool to use for sound therapy and are great for children, the aged and animals too!


Book your individual sound healing/massage,  singing bowl meditation (soundbath),

workshop, training and/or retreat



Aiming to procure the best quality singing bowls from ethical sources I trekked through Nepal for 3 weeks and unearthed beautiful handhammered antique (50+ year old) bowls; modern highly resonant 7 and 9-metal bowls;  exquisite etched, engraved, carved bowls; a range of ting shas (Tibetan bells); and beautiful functional accessories. 


I play each bowl individually and select only the best for ease of use, superior resonance and quality of sound.


Your purchase supports businesses in one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world.  

I’m honoured to share these high quality singing bowls with you.  You can meet your bowl in person in Melbourne or I can post out to you. Whether you choose a bowl or it chooses you, may it endow you with many moons ahead of serenity, healing and bliss!

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