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EMERGENCE - Music Medicine

EMERGENCE - Music Medicine


‘Emergence’ is a cutting edge collaboration of song, spoken word meditation and soundbath within a comprehensive ensemble of high quality traditional instruments. 


An enticement for your soul to journey along experiential musical medicine sound-streams of healing frequencies, vibrations, binaural beats and lyrical landscapes interspersed with guided visualisations, to a profound place of peace and bliss within. 


Emerging from the last three years of challenge and change, restoring mental health and lightheartedness are key intentions of this deeply soothing psycho-melodic collaborative creation. 


Recorded onto cd are some of Tabitha's popular therapeutic processes shared in counselling spaces over the last decade, including mindfulness, relaxation and active imagination techniques such as creating inner safe space, reclaiming your inner child and meeting your higher self.  These are supported with a backdrop of Russell's vibrant instrumentals and more dreamy singing bowls, played with healing intention.


The first upbeat song validates anyone who has known heartbreak, lightly acknowledging the ‘Black Dog’ of depression at the heels.  

Then a therapeutic meditation ‘Emergence’ guides you the listener through grounding mindfulness along a medicine drum beat to find your own sacred sanctuary, and from here you drift into a curative yoga-nidra body-focusing experience, tapping into and working with your uniquely powerful body intelligence. 

A reveal in the next transporting song ‘Ancient Sanctuary’ is magical as the musician shares his childhood inner sanctum,

followed by a ‘Celestial Cleanse’ sound-wash with large 'D' note gong, abundant Tibetan singing bowls, native American flute,  Amazonian rattle, shakers, didgeridoo and ting sha bells, dissolving any last traces of stress or negativity and expanding to universal consciousness.

‘Cocoon’ invites retreat into a cozy spaciousness to centre into the deepest parts of your true self and receive higher wisdom, flowing into ‘Imaginals’ a monochord, didgeridoo, koshi chime watery soundbath symbolising melting down of caterpillar into goop, from which only imaginal cells awaken instinctively, old cells nourishing new ones, as transformation into butterfly completes.

‘Butterflies’ is a playful song with catchy riffs and hum-along tunes celebrating a positive inner paradigm renewal floating you into

the final relaxing ethereal ‘Migaloo Blues’ featuring authentic Migaloo Humpback Whale-song and sensuous saxophone to a backdrop of ocean, shruti, singing bowls and didgeridoo. 


Emerge revitalised and reinspired.


Russell is an accomplished musical artist spanning decades around the globe.  Tabitha has offered trauma counselling and singing bowl experiences to thousands around Australia.  Mastering is by Harry Williamson of Gong fame.  Enjoy!


$20 includes postage!


For more whimsical creations visit russellhibbs/shivakti/bandcamp

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