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Ancient Sounds of Healing CD

Ancient Sounds of Healing CD


Journey within and discover your inner sanctuary of peace and deep healing.  Recorded with much laughter and love by the trees in Gembrook a little town nestled in the Dandenong Ranges and by the sea in Mt Martha along the beautiful Victorian coastline.  For novice and master meditators alike... a warm invitation to allow these beautiful soothing sounds of traditional singing bowls to lead you gently out of your thoughts to a place of serenity and relaxation. 

Retreat to somewhere quiet and warm where you won’t be disturbed.  Lay down comfortably, close your eyes and enjoy the sound bath wash over you...

  • Lightly Centered Mindful Mini-Meditation                                    22.32 mins
  • Full Meditation Journey                                                               58.55 mins

Featuring rich, deep, layered, textured tones, powerful resonations and frequencies emanating from high quality 7 metal singing bowls. Potent binaural beats induce deep relaxation and can be effective in reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia and improving focus. 

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