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Come back to the truth of you

Please enjoy

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Emergence Music Medicine CD

Singing Bowl Guided Therapeutic Meditations

and Online Singing Bowl Training

available for download...

**Lightly Centered Counselling is not available


Lightly Centered provides the opportunity for you to come back to the truth of you, allowing your spirit to shine through connected modalities -

Music Medicine Collaborative CD "Emergence" 

Singing Bowl Soundbaths/Meditation - download today!

Sound Healing Instruments - Tibetan Singing Bowls & Ting Shas

Sound Healing Training - download online


Our singing bowls are also available for sale at:

Mystery Craters, South Kolan,  Queensland


Xanadu Yoga, Rockhampton, Queensland


Crown Spa Boutique, Southbank, Melbourne

The Private Sea, Mornington, Victoria

Soul Barn, Clunes, Victoria


We ship  Australia wide

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