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Singing bowls are an enjoyable, transportable modality with unique healing potency and growing popularity. 

They offer an easy, profound form of meditation and deep relaxation instantly, dissolving away tension and anxiety.

Why Lightly Centered Singing Bowls?

Embarking recently on a 3 week singing bowl trek around Nepal, the aim was to gather as much knowledge as possible, train with authentic experienced Nepalese sound healers and source the best quality singing bowls available, and from ethical sources! 

Not the type of bowls you’ll see in shops or made in bulk by machine, these are all produced in the traditional way by hand, with meticulous specifications and customary specific 7-metal alloy blend including gold and silver.  Each is labour-intensively and masterfully hand-hammered to precision, then polished to perfection, making these exquisite instruments of peace and healing arguably some of the best in the world. 

The methods ensure a cornucopia of fine quality rich layered complex tones and polyphonic notes, stronger than normal vibrations, stress-melting binaural beats (pulses) and surprisingly long resonance for a delightful soundstream on which to ride out of your mind.

Want to have singing bowls played for you and can’t attend an event?  Grab a meditation cd and add it to your sleep routine. Also choose from a range of space-clearing ting shas and beautiful functional accessories.

How To Choose Your Singing Bowl

Choose a bowl that you’re drawn to – maybe by its look or by its sound or ‘feel’.  Close your eyes and tune into your heart while listening to each bowl (the sound clip recordings are raw and not digitally remastered).  Notice which resonates with you.


Each bowl also includes a generous suede and wood playing mallet as gift with purchase.

10% of singing bowl profits is donated to a Nepalese charity supporting prevention of human trafficking.  Therefore your purchase supports businesses in one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world, as well as vulnerable children at risk of exploitation.  What a great gift.

Meet your bowl in person at an event or have it posted to your door.  Whether you choose a bowl or it chooses you, may it endow you with many moons ahead of serenity, healing and bliss!

NEW STOCKISTS:  Singing Bowls, Ting Shas and Singing Bowl Meditation CDs are also now available for sale at:


Crown Spa Boutique, Southbank

The Private Sea, Mornington