Meditation Time!  Ocean Resin Clock & Ting Shas

Meditation Time! Ocean Resin Clock & Ting Shas


Stunning new addition to the range: ocean themed resin clocks - each piece, one of a kind, artistically designed in Queensland with high quality resin. 


Every glance of the clock transports you to a beach meditation, a 'time'ly reminder to breathe deeply and just Be. 


Teamed up with a pair of high quality 7 metal Ting Sha bells that produce long pure cleansing resonation, great for smudging space and beings, or starting/finishing meditation and healing.


The unique design features a glittery tri-colour seascape with shells, starfish, turtles and dolphins with glossy finish. 

(There is option to remove any elements). 


(Delivery will take a little longer to allow for the clockface to be lovingly created for you!)


$129 FOR BOTH.

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