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25cm CELESTIAL CORE BOWL A,E-3rd Eye, Solar Plexus Chakra

25cm CELESTIAL CORE BOWL A,E-3rd Eye, Solar Plexus Chakra


These stunning shimmering therapy-grade bowls do the work of 4 ordinary bowls with their extra strong vibrations for healing the body, especially designed to particular scientific specifications of diameter, equal wall thickness, shape, size and 7 metal alloy blend. These all ensure a superior rich tone, stronger than normal vibrations and surprisingly long resonance.  Produced in the traditional way by hand in Nepal they are labour-intensively hand hammered then polished to perfection, making them arguably some of the best in the world. 


Each bowl includes a suede tipped wooden playing mallet as gift with purchase. The chakra notes below were achieved using both mallet and soft striker, both gonging and playing around the rim. 


Invest in a soft striker mallet to achieve the deeper sounds and stronger vibrations your bowl offers. (sold separately):



(Polyphonic chakra blends)

F,C-Heart, Base Chakra
A3, D-True 3rd Eye, Sacral Chakra                
A,E-3rd Eye, Solar Plexus Chakra               
B3,E-True Crown, Solar Plexus Chakra    


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